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ReBrush - Car Wiper Repairer

Extend the Life of your Wipers!

Water streaks on windshields can be irritating and may block a clear view of the road ahead. Thanks to ReBrush, windscreen wipers can be restored to their optimum function.Car wipers tend to accumulate small particles and become inefficient over time. With the help of ReBrush, windshield wipers can have a prolonged life before the inevitable disposal.

Key Benefits

Suitable for All Cars - Perfect for most brands, this functional wiper repair tool is worth the investment. ReBrush is conveniently suited to repair the windshield wipers of any car.

Double Sanding Strip - Wiper blades may have cracks after a long time. This windscreen wiper tool solves that issue with its two sanding options: fine and coarse suitable for lightly worn and heavily worn wipers, respectively

.Easy to Use - ReBrush is simple to use, just remove the wiper and pre-wipe it with a towel then fit the rubber strip with the coarse and fine sanding strip for repair. Following the repair, rinse the wiper to remove residual particles and reinstall it on the car.

Durable Design - This compact wiper repair tool is made of strong metal integrated plastic. Thanks to these intricately chosen materials, ReBrush is sturdy and lasts a lifetime more than old-fashioned repairers.